Top Awards

Hawai’i Star Ball Top Teacher, Top Students and Top Studio awards are based on both entries and placements.  Teachers and students must dance the events to earn points. 

  • Teachers that dance Pro/Am and also have student couples dancing in separate single dance adult student/student single dance events will be awarded “coaching” points and will accumulate 1/2 points per couple. Coach MUST be identified at the time of registration. 
  • There will be no points awarded for any scratched or missed entries for any reason.
  • Each entry, whether for single dance, multi-dance challenge or scholarship event is considered a single entry point.
  • Placement points will be awarded according to the following schedule:

Youth events will be award 50% points. 

Placement points will be awarded according to the following schedule:


1 pt per entry, no extra points for placements (1/2 pt per entry youth)

1-2 Dance events

1st= 8pts   2nd=7pts   3rd=6pts   4th=5pts   5th=4pts   6th=3pts   7th=2pts   8th=1pt   plus 4pts/recall (youth events at 50% i.e., 4 pts, 3.5 pts, 3 pts, etc.)

3-5 Dance events

1st=20pts   2nd=15pts   3rd=10pts   4th=8pts   5th=6pts  6th=4pts  7th=2pts  8th=2pts   plus 5pts/recall (youth events at 50% i.e., 10 pts, 7.5 pts, 5 pts, etc.)


1st Place (minimum 300 pro/am entries):  $7,000*

2nd Place (minimum 250 pro/am entries): $5,000*

3rd Place (minimum 200 pro/am entries):  $3,000*

4th Place (minimum 150 pro/am entries): $1,500

5th Place (minimum 100 pro/am entries): $1,000

6th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500

7th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500

8th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500

9th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500

10th Place (minimum 50 pro/am entries): $500

All prizes will be awarded as long the minimum entries are met; however only the amount of money qualified for will be given out.  For example, if the 1st place Top Teacher has only 275 pro/am entries, they will receive $5,000, not $7,000.  In the same scenario, if the 2nd place Top Teacher also has 275 pro/am entries, he or she will also earn $5,000.  If there are not 10 qualified Top Teacher candidates, then fewer places will be awarded.

*Teacher AND Students must be on a package (Big Kahuna, VIP, or A) to qualify for the award money for the top 3 Top Teacher Awards regardless of number of entries.